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Mares SLS Slide And Lock Weight Pocket System

  • Mares SLS Slide And Lock Weight Pocket System

The Mares SLS Slide And Lock Weight Pocket System, Mares introduces a new integrated weight system for BCs. The system appears for the first time on the new Quantum BC, and is the result of years of studies towards a safer and more user-friendly weight system.

A weight system has to perform only two tasks, but flawlessly: On the one side, accidental release of a weight pouch has to be avoided. On the other, in case of an emergency, the diver must be able to ditch the weight pouches in a simple and intuitive way, even when stressed and panicking.
In addition to these two key aspects, it certainly doesn’t hurt if the system is simple to use, gives clear feedback on whether it is engaged or not, doesn’t wobble on the jacket, has enough capacity for the intended use and maybe even allows you to personalize the pouches.

All these aspects have been scrupulously analyzed during the development of the SLS (patent pending). Let’s take a look at the locking mechanism. Instead of relying on elastic elements whose state of deformation define the state of the system (whether engaged or not), the SLS is based on mechanical movements and interference. At the core is a cursor which can slide within the handle and with its movement defines the position of the teeth on the male buckle. When the cursor is pushed inward, it pushes the teeth outward and keeps them locked against the corresponding teeth on the female buckle by placing itself in the return path. When the handle is pulled out, it drags the cursor along with it and this causes, via a system of guides and tracks, the teeth to be mechanically pulled inward and clear of the female buckle. Hence we end up with a system that holds everything you throw at it, but releases effortlessly and without the possibility of something getting snagged with a simple pull on the handle.

Ease of use is guaranteed by the large handle and by a tunnel on the BC which guides the insertion of the weight pouch so that the male buckle arrives lined up with the female. While holding the handle against the female buckle, use one finger to push in the cursor and lock the pouch in place. You will hear a nice audible feedback, but additionally, a visual indicator is shown as well. A small window shows an open padlock on a red background when unlocked, and a closed padlock on a green background when locked. This is a novelty in a weight system and one sure to attract a lot of attention. For one, your buddy will be able to immediately verify the proper or improper insertion of your weight system just by looking at you.

The handle and buckle system is connected to the weight pouch by means of a semi rigid U-shaped element, held in place by a pin. This eliminates any potential relative movement between buckle and pouch and consequently between pouch and BC (so no pouches dangling half out of the BC). Combined with the tunnel that holds the whole pouch neatly in place, you end up with a very stable weight placement on the BC.


  • Small - 4kg Capacity
  • Large - 6kg Capacity


  • Sturdy zippered pocket for Quantum BCD’s
  • Easy to slide into pocket
  • Visual aid to see if system is properly engaged
  • Safest system available
  • Easy to use with thick gloves


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